Shamanism is an ancient worldwide system of personal and environmental energy healing, restoring balance within a person’s energy field.  Everything about us is interconnected.  If we have a physical ailment, it is often rooted in emotional, energetic or spiritual wounds and traumas past or present.  We can find ourselves leaking vital energy through connections to past events and people that are no longer serving us.  I am blessed to have trained as a Shamanic Practitioner with Liz Bridger and Annie Whittaker, a Master Practitioner of the Shamanka School lineage, instilling within me the healing traditions and tools of the Q’ero Shamans of Peru and allowing me the honour of becoming a Mesa carrier.  These processes can help you in regaining your freedom of spirit, reclaiming your confidence, courage and self-worth and re-empowering your true self.

I offer the following healings, but a session can unfold in whatever way guidance takes us at that time.

  • Seven Mirrors

  • Cutting of Ties

  • Parent Child

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Illumination Process

  • Drum Healing

  • Despacho Ceremonies

Sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes including consultation and costs £55

Contact me for more information or to book a session


     "I had a wonderful shamanic journey healing session with Sam. Definitely recommend her work" 

- Sarah-Jane Webster