Reiki is a natural healing system that can benefit everyone, from young babies to adults and is a safe, non-invasive therapy.

Reiki sessions are generally a very relaxing experience where the client remains fully clothed, normally lying on a couch (or seated if preferable), while I facilitate a channelling of energy through my hands primarily.  Reiki can be given using a 'hands on' or 'hands off' approach, which some clients prefer.  As a holistic therapy, it works on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body allowing for essential balance to be restored between the three, often resulting in a deep sense of healing, releasing and nurturing.

I trained to Master level in Usui/Holy Fire Reiki with the Devon School of Reiki and received my attunements from Sam Goddard, Reiki Master Teacher and Principal of the school.  The name Reiki originates from the Japanese words 'rei' meaning 'universal' and 'ki' meaning 'energy'. 

Sessions last one hour including consultation and time to re-ground after the treatment, which normally allows 45 minutes for the reiki healing itself.

A one hour session costs £40.

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      "A beautiful lady with a beautiful energy, highly recommend a healing from the lovely Sam xx" 

- Vicky Foot