I'm Samantha Ahern, founder of Devon Mala Tree and I specialise in working with my clients to restore balance to body and mind.  A healing journey can take many paths, just as a tree has many branches, while the roots, firmly planted into the Earth, are symbolic of our own gut microbiome - the root of our health on all levels.  Heal the roots, heal the whole tree.


My own journey began with yoga, which I've been practising yoga for over twenty years.  It really is life-changing; strengthening the body, quietening the mind and bringing you back to your true self even in the midst of life's most chaotic adventures!  It has been essential for my own mental health and that is the driving force behind me wanting to share it with others.  During this time I've explored many styles in many different countries, teaching within communities in New Zealand, South East Asia, Costa Rica and most recently Colombia, where I spent the first half of 2018. 


After initially returning to the UK in 2013, I completed my IYN 500hr Diploma with the Devon School of yoga, whose lineage can be traced back to Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa in the south of India.  I also followed a strong calling to advance along my path as a Reiki Practitioner, qualifying to Master level, before founding Devon Mala Tree in 2017.

The final branch to be added to Devon Mala Tree was my work with the gut microbiome, following my own discovery of its tremendous healing power.  The positive impact it had on my mental health and was both unexpected and incredible, as well as the physical benefits of hugely improved energy and eliminating acid reflux and bloating among other things!  I experienced such amazing results that I was determined to share the same opportunity with others.


I'm now back in the UK and based in the beautiful West Country town of Totnes, where I offer personalised gut microbiome rebalance and detox programs, reiki sessions and yoga one to ones.  My microbiome and detox work can be done in person or online, so feel free to get in touch whereever you're based!

I look forward to supporting you back to a balanced body and balanced mind, so you can enjoy life as the best possible version of you.


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     'The ego is rooted in negativity...The soul is rooted in love.'
—Ram Dass